My Revelations in the Czech Republic – new EVS volunteer in Mladiinfo ČR

I bet whether you are a university graduate or just about to finish high school, even if you are a young adult of 30 years old or so, maybe even older, from time to time you find yourself asking – what should I do next? What am I good at? What do I like doing? How to make it meaningful? In the end, what is my purpose on this earth? That is what I have been facing in these recent months – trying to find my way in life.

The card I picked in the on-arrival training task. It represents my goal here – to beat my monsters and leave the comfort zone

What was the biggest revelation?

When I just finished school, I thought I have a plan. I have a plan and everything will fall in its places, no worries. But back then I didn’t take into account that I might make mistakes, that things are never as we expect them to be and my biggest realization was that everything changes. Life is a one constantly changing process. So in reality it means that things which I wanted when I was 18 won’t be the object of my desires when I’m 26. When I am 30, I won’t want the same things which I wanted when I was 26. It seems like someone else has control over my life and I am helpless to make an impact even on my own future. Because I never know what I will want next.

I must admit, I am a person who likes to have a plan. Who likes to go the safe way. If I have a plane to take and I need to choose between two options – to arrive at the airport 3 hours earlier or just 1, I will choose 3. That’s why sometimes I struggle with this uncertainty of life. I have a constant fight with my brain trying to stop it from predicting the future.

That’s why I am in the process of learning. Of learning to accept gifts.

The view through my window in Brno. It looks peaceful and that is how I feel here

How does it work now?

Here I am, in the Czech Republic. My only plan embraces 5 months left of my stay here, that is to say, of my voluntary work. For me it’s a chance to learn new things.

Yes, I am the only volunteer in my organization, yes, I don’t have my circle of friends yet, yes, I don’t understand Czech yet, so when I go to my choir, I’m almost reading the lips of the choir leader, that’s how intensively I try to catch some familiar words but in the end I don’t understand anything.

Right, so I am starting to attend a choir. This has been my dream already for many years.

I am about to sign up for drawing classes and Czech too. Because my another dream is to learn many languages and I am using this opportunity that I am in a foreign country.

Also I read a lot, I write. One day I would like to write a book.

Everyday I learn new things in my daily work at Mladiinfo CR office. Maybe Excel skills mean nothing for others but each time I make a graph I am enjoying it. Because all my life I was avoiding all the technologies and now I have realized that hey, I need that. And there are a lot more ways to improve.

I am here already for a month. I haven’t done anything spectacular. I haven’t understood my meaning of life. I am still not sure what comes next. But I am learning to accept gifts. Those little revelations of life which come through new experience. If the experience is not an all changing blast, it’s not a big deal. It is still a gift which maybe I need in this particular period of my life. Maybe now I don’t see the full picture, but it definitely exists.

That’s me, waiting for the world to show its treasures

What does volunteering in Mladiinfo CR mean to me?

Volunteering in Mladiinfo CR helps me to know myself better. And it’s not just work in the office. I believe it’s one stage of my life which is so necessary to lead me to the next one.

In the end, life is a river and we reach the most incredible banks not when we plan our trip according to the book but when we go with the flow.

So let’s go and see what other revelations the Czech Republic brings.

Tento projekt je financován z prostředků Evropského sboru solidarity.