How is it going in Brno / Jak to jde v Brně

Naše EVS dobrovolnice Marta je u nás v Mladiinfo něco málo přes dva měsíce. Co říká na kurzy češtiny a kam si zajela nedávno na výlet, si můžete přečíst v tomto článku.

It is very strange. It is a mix of speed and slowness. You feel like days are passing but at the same time, it is still winter. It seems like it is going to be spring but not yet. The cold still freezes you. However, last weekend we had good a break.


I had the opportunity to go to Germany to visit Berlin last week and it was a nice experience! I was so tired because we spent a lot of time on a bus but it was worth it. We visited the most interesting places with our backpacks on our shoulders and we had lots of fun.

Cathedral. Archive: Marta Lozano Acosta

We visited places like Brandenburg Door or Alexander Platz and we made a long free tour to get to know more about Berlin wall. We discovered places you need to see when you are in Berlin.

It is incredible to see there live many people of different cultures and Berlin has its own atmosphere and spirit of connecting everyone.

We discovered that green is the most representative colour in the city. It is very curious because there are a lot of places which are covered in this colour, for example like the Cathedral.

If you want to know why, you have to visit Berlin and discover it by yourself!

It is a special bohemian atmosphere and at the same time, there are people from all over the world and with different styles. If you check better, you will find some bars in a small alley where you can feel the Berlin environment with colourful flags, tables and graffitis as the symbols of the city.

Berlin. Archive: Marta Lozano Acosta
Berlin. Archive: Marta Lozano Acosta

There are lots of kind of food from different nationalities and, of course, we ate famous currywurst from there! It is very typical food and you have to try it!

I can recommend you to go to Berlin to discover a new place in Europe where everybody can find something to like and learn more about the history of Germany.

Czech Language

And how about the Czech language? I have to say that for latin languages speakers it is very difficult not to only pronounce but also to understand. But I am trying little by little and, at least, I have learnt some words to pay at the shop or tell someone that I am a foreigner and I can not understand anything.

You think that your English level is enough to live in the Czech Republic, but the reality is that you just can speak to some young local people. So you have to try to learn Czech and I am going to Czech School to approach at least a basic level of knowledge to communicate with old local people. And now is much better. It is difficult but is better. I do not know how my Czech will improve in a few months but I will tell you soon! Meanwhile, I will have to continue speaking English.

See you soon!


Text and photos: Marta Lozano Acosta