Opportunity: European Solidarity Corps,Volunteering in Brno

Would you like to become a volunteer in Mladiinfo ČR office in Brno? We are opening a call!

The Mladiinfo office in Brno, 2nd biggest city in the Czech Republic and the heart of Moravia, will be hosting two European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers for the six months period: March 2020 – August 2020.  Currently, we will be hosting just one volunteer but we are expanding from March.

What is ESC (EVS)?

European Voluntary Service, which is currently transforming into European Solidarity Corps Volunteering, might be short or long-term volunteering experience for anyone of the age 18-30 coming from the EU member countries or Partner Countries.

As a volunteer at Mladiinfo ČR, you will be part of our marketing and PR team, help us to organize events and be able to work on your personal and professional development with our support and guidance. See our guide for more information.

What’s in it for you?

The ESC program has had a major impact on the lives of thousands of young people who gained self-confidence, improved self-awareness, experienced the multicultural environment, enhanced their skills in different fields and gained valuable skills for the job market.

After completing your ESC, you will receive a Youth Pass which is an appreciated attachment to any job application.

What you will do?

  • Updating website and social media
  • Developing project proposals and managing projects
  • Organising and coordinating public events
  • Networking and promoting Mladiinfo CR
  • Promoting opportunity for young people

Last but not least!

We have our new baby which is called „Library of Things“ within our organisation. This is basically a place where you can borrow stuff such as tools, equipment, games, toys and more. It is an act to support sharing economy and we are the first one in Brno and the second in the whole Czech Republic. It works as simple as a regular library but the concept has got some many other opportunities in it, such as;

  • Organising workshops (Sewing, Crafting, Sports etc.)
  • Creating social media posts where you will improve your copy-writing skills to promote what is happening in the library
  • Designing leaflets, posters, logos
  • Administration of inventory and basic accounting

and much more! It all depends on you…

Financial Support

Volunteers monthly receive pocket and food money according to the rules of ESC to help them get around. Accommodation, as well as the public transportation pass, will be provided by Mladiinfo ČR. Flight tickets to/ from the Czech Republic will be reimbursed following the rules of distance bands stated by the ESC.

Source: BrnoMycity

How to get in touch

Does this opportunity seem just the perfect fit for you?

Please fill out and send the questionnaire to our kancelar@mladiinfo.

You can download it here.

Deadline: 15th September 2019 18th September 2019

Only complete applications will be considered.

We are more than excited to have you!