Volunteering with children in Poland

Do you enjoy working with children? Would you like to join the European Solidarity Corps and help children while living abroad? We have a perfect opportunity for you!

The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation in Warsaw is looking for two volunteers from the EU countries. Eighteen young people in total will be volunteering with children in Poland as a part of the “Schuman Solidarity Crew“ project. The two remaining spots are for the primary school with integrative classes and the kindergarten for visually impaired children.

The project lasts for 9 months, from the 5th of October 2020 to the 2nd of July 2021.

Where will you volunteer?

Both institutions that are currently looking for volunteers are located in the vibrant city of Warsaw.

You can apply for one of the following opportunities:

1. Volunteering with special-needs children in a primary school

Students attending the school are aged 6-14 and have disabilities or special education needs, such as autism, Asperger syndrome, physical impairments, etc. 

Apart from the extracurricular classes, like sensory integration or social skills training, the school also offers free-time activities in the day-room. Many of the students stay there to attend art workshops, play educational games, or study individually.

2. Volunteering with visually impaired children in a special kindergarten

The kindergarten provides daily care and activities for visually impaired children aged 3-6. Children attend art, English, music, and gymnastic classes, as well as special treatment for children with vision defects. Education, psychology, and logopedic professionals focus on the healthy development of the children.

Read more about the places on the website of the Schuman Foundation.

What will you do?

The activities with children vary depending on the institution you work in. You can find more information about them in the info pack.

Besides those, the tasks of the volunteers also include:

  • Writing blog posts about their volunteering experience
  • Organizing workshops and other activities in local cultural centres, libraries, etc., to promote the culture of their country, ESC volunteering, and the Schuman Foundation
  • Helping with the preparation of the Schuman Parade and the Schumanville (the regular projects of the Foundation)
  • Participating in the monthly meetings of the Foundation

Accommodation and funding

This project is funded by the European Union, which means that your accommodation, food, transport and pocket money are covered. As a volunteer, you will get pocket money of 120€ (in Polish currency) and food allowance of 100€. You will live in a flat in Warsaw, shared with other volunteers.

How to apply?

You can find an application form and an e-mail address in the offer on the Schuman Foundation website. The deadline for applying is the 17th of September 2020. However, applications are being reviewed regularly, so don’t wait until the last moment!

ESC logo. Source: Mladiinfo ČR archive

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