Our organisation


We inform young people about new opportunities in education, volunteering, career, traveling, etc. We encourage youth to leave their comfort zone and reach their full potential. We engage in communities, promoting active citizenship and connectedness.

Mladiinfo ČR is a Czech non-governmental non-profit organization (NGO). It is a part of the Mladiinfo International network and has an office in Brno. 


  • run Mladiinfo.cz, the biggest platform in the Czech Republic of its kind.
  • participate in Erasmus+ projects: non-formal education training courses for youth workers and leaders and short term international youth exchanges.
  • participate in the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects: supporting young people in volunteering or working abroad 
  • run the “Library of Things” – a place where you can borrow various things such as tools, kitchen appliances, camping gear or sports equipment. 
  • implement international projects, such as the EuroAsia Volunteering Assistance Program supporting young volunteers in Southeast Asia.
  • organize public events and workshops for locals and foreigners living in the Czech Republic.


Mladiinfo ČR, z. s.
Our office address: Masarykova 32, Brno, 602 00, Czech Republic
Official address: Antonínská 14, Brno, 602 00, Czech Republic
ID: 22611118
E-mail: info@mladiinfo.cz

Our team

Tereza Hronová

An enthusiastic traveler, and cook. She is interested in programming and takes care of the Mladiinfo.cz website. She also writes: the self-development Jak se zlepšit section is her baby. E-mail: terka@mladiinfo.cz

Kateřina Kubesová

Kateřina studies Chinese and European studies, doesn’t like to stay in one place and uses all the opportunities she gets. She likes to write, read, and play tennis. She is a part of the Mladiinfo CR communications team, managing partnerships. E-mail: media@mladiinfo.cz

Leona Kunayová

Leona supports the Erasmus + projects at Mladiinfo CR and takes care of advertising. E-mail: lea@mladiinfo.cz

Thuy Linh Mai

Linh studied International Relations in Prague, done a few internships, Erasmus+ projects, volunteered in Germany and the Czech Republic. She is in charge of PR, networking, and coordination of Erasmus + projects at Mladiinfo CR. E-mail: linh@mladiinfo.cz

Eliška Motyčková

Eliška studied International Development and has been actively involved in non-formal education, Erasmus+ projects, and European Solidarity Corps (ESC). She supports the administration of the Mladiinfo CR office in Brno and organizes various public events. She lived in Turkey, Jordan and USA. E-mail: kancelar@mladiinfo.cz or eliska@mladiinfo.cz.

Markéta Dědková

Markéta is one of the founders of Mladiinfo CR. She coordinates the ESC projects and supports the administration and management. She has a degree in social work and works in an NGO, helping the victims of crime. In her free time, she likes theater and sports. E-mail: marketa@mladiinfo.cz

Štěpánka Pecháčková

Štěpánka is enthusiastic about communication and education. She lived in Mongolia, Bangladesh, Iraq, and presently resides in Prague. Štěpánka supports the Mladiinfo CR communications team, mainly in social media and content management. E-mail: stepanka@mladiinfo.cz

Kristýna Wagnerová

Kristýna (or Týna for short) is Mladiinfo CR chairwoman. She studied Criminology and lived or worked in the UK, the US, and Brussels. She is now in Sweden, blogging for Mladiinfo CR. E-mail: tyna@mladiinfo.cz

Michaela Wolná

Michaela is Mladiinfo CR Editor-in-Chief. She studied Public Policy and Environmental Humanities. Michaela likes traveling: she volunteered in Bulgaria, lived in Northern Ireland, Amsterdam, and Istanbul. Her other passion is nature, being involved in conservation efforts. E-mail: michaela@mladiinfo.cz

Dora Žibaitė

Dora is the current volunteer at the Mladiinfo CR office in Brno. She loves people and writing. She has worked as a Lithuanian language editor, teacher, and translator. She lived in Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Spain. E-mail: dora@mladiinfo.cz