Mladiinfo CR is a non-governmental non-profit organization, a Czech branch of Mladiinfo International network. 

We inspire young people to step out of their comfort zones, reach their full potential and become active citizens. Mladiinfo CR informs about education, job, volunteering, traveling and other opportunities for young people.

Mladinfo CR is a sending organization of European Voluntary Service. We organize and partner in organizing training courses and youth exchanges.

Mladiinfo ČR was founded in 2012 and is accredited by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Czech Republic under the Identification Number 22611118.


e-mail: info@mladiinfo.cz

address: Antonínská 14, Brno, 602 00

Mladiinfo CR Team

(in alphabetical order)

Tereza Hronová
Web management. Events. Articles.
e-mail: terka@mladiinfo.cz

Kateřina Kubesová

PR and promotion. Editor.

e-mail: media@mladiinfo.cz

Leona Kunayová
Youth exchanges. Advertisement.
e-mail: lea@mladiinfo.cz

Thuy Linh Mai
Editor. PR and promotion. Training courses and youth exchanges.
e-mail: thuy.linh@mladiinfo.cz

Markéta Nešporová
European Voluntary Service. Mladiinfo office in Brno. Library of Things.
e-mail: marketa@mladiinfo.cz

Štěpánka Pecháčková
Articles. Social media and PR expert.
e-mail: stepanka@mladiinfo.cz

Tereza Svobodová
European Voluntary Service. Training courses and youth exchanges. Mladiinfo office in Brno.
e-mail: tereza.svobodova@mladiinfo.cz

Kristýna Wagnerová
Chairwoman. Training courses and youth exchanges.
e-mail: kristyna@mladiinfo.cz

Michaela Wolná
Editor in Chief. Coordination of volunteers.
e-mail: michaela@mladiinfo.cz

Editors of Mladiinfo CR
e-mail: redakce@mladiinfo.cz

Mladiinfo Office in Brno


Enes Sarıoğlu

EVS volunteer



  1. Hello Yvonne. Our website is dedicated mainly to the Czech youth. But try to have a look on Mladiinfo International website, http://www.mladiinfo.eu. There are sometimes opportunities for youth outside of Europe.