A Spanish boy at Mladiinfo

Mladiinfo hostí svého prvního EVS dobrovolníka. Na začátku března přijel do Brna a pomalu se rozkoukává. Jaké jsou Ricardovy první dojmy?

As the tittle is saying, I’m from Spain – the land of sun and paella. From the country about which almost everybody feels the neccessity to tell you – it’s incredible and “Una cerveza por favor”. By the way my name is Ricardo Soriano and my city is Valencia – a mix between Madrid and Barcelona, but better.

Some of you are maybe thinking about going to EVS. Why do it? Because it’s awesome! Tell me what to do when you are finishing or have finished your degree? Well, then you have a great option to work – work at least 8 hours per day. If you are lucky and live more north than the wall of winterland, most probably you are going to entre in a life with a lot of responsabilities like don’t leave in the weekdays or don’t drink too much in the weekend. If you are not pretty sure of getting along with your parents, I can offer you another choice.


Maybe some of you were at Erasmus. I’m quiet sure you feel like it was short, I know it because I did it too. Let’s have a look at a possibility which could give you a little bit of practical experience done by your own and giving you a time to study languages or whatever, but be careful! Not like studing at university but studying by living.

So, why Brno and Mladiinfo and Industra? I have to confess, I’m still freaked out about how can be a place so cool! At Mladiinfo you can notice that they have experience with volunteers and it’s easy working with them because they take care about you. I’m glad I can improve my skills of writing and of using social media. What about Industra? Man, listen to me, it’s an art gallery and place for starts up … whatever you preffer you can develop here. For example I’ve been trying to develop new system of organization, as creatively as I can to make happy everybody… I’ve been trying as I said. To summerize it all, I think it’s one of the best places where to get experience and develop your creativity, which is so necessary for jobs.

And Brno … is really beautiful and have 25% of students of around 400.000 inhabitants…so my decision of going was made 🙂

The last advice I want to tell you  is: don’t be afraid of changes. Sometimes it could be scaring – the idea of being out of your country and believe me it will not be easy. But what else is? Nobody has died for living outside and I´m sure many times you were afraid of whatever. However when it was done you realised it wasn’t so difficult or you just passed through and that makes you stronger. So living outside will make you stronger more than anything else.

Finally I only want to describe a little my first days here. I arrived on Wednesday too late to happen anything but when I woke up on Thursday I met all my flatemates. They looked cool , a French boy and a German girl who are volunteers too and a guy from here who is working and is more relaxed due to his age 🙂 But anyway all of them are very kind and comprehending me. After a while talking with them I went to the office to meet my new workmates who are even cooler. I’ve been wondering all nights why I have my headache. All people tell me it is normal because of using English  all the time – maybe they are right.

Anyway each day here is awesome and tiring at the same time but I think this  is the way  how life should makes you feel.

So see you in Brno or as an EVS volunteer!

Ricardo Soriano Fernandez