My Experiences on EVS / Moje zkušenosti s EVS

Plánujete se vydat na Evropskou dobrovolnou službu? Náš dobrovolník Enes v tomto článku shrnuje své dojmy a pocity. Právě i díky němu si můžete udělat lepší obrázek o tom, co EVS mimo jiné obnáší. Článek je v angličtině.

As it is known, European Voluntary Service is a project dedicated to European youth to gain experiences regarding their field of interest. It is also about engaging cultures, pushing and realizing limits, plus facing new challenges. In the end, returning home with a bag full of memories and gains.

Sometimes I believe that abridgement of EVS is sort of not correct or at least not effective. I think the maturity factor is missing. In the beginning, no one is actually telling you about the possibility of loneliness, nor the struggle of living in a country with different culture and habits.

European voluntary service is more than only volunteering. In fact, this is what makes it beneficial to open the gate of one’s personal and emotional growth.

                                       Thinking deep at an Antikvariat:) Foto: autor článku

Since starting in Mladiinfo two months ago, I have had a chance to meet new people and learning new skills. In addition to that, now I have the advantage of spending my spare time in a more meaningful way. This leads me to grow personally and professionally, which I need it for a long time but couldn’t have the chance.

These two months have also shown me new places, new customs that broad and open up my mind. Thus, when I think that I have still eight more months in my pocket, many more enhancements are on the way on this emotional and professional ride.

EVS is a winning project with its ups and downs, I sometimes found myself doubting and questioning my choices. However, I always remind myself that it is a platform with its challenges, yet providing a very good space to improve yourself from different aspects. So, what do we do now? We will cultivate the soil, plant our seeds and wait for the harvesting time!

Leaves will keep on falling, flowering questions persist yet I believe I will depart with a suitcase full of improvements, memories and a stronger understanding of myself. 

Autor: Enes Sarıoğlu