Learn Skills Online – What to do in Brno right now?

Už vás nebaví válet si šunky? Máte pocit, že vám čas prochází mezi prsty? Naše dobrovolnice Mina vám v anglickém článku přiblíží, jakými způsoby můžete využívat svůj čas v domácí karanténě na maximum.

Use this rare opportunity to discover the world and some self-enhancement tips simply by using this list of valuable online resources to learn skills online!

Learn skills online? No problem!

Learning skills online from home
Get results from the comfort of your home. Source: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Right off the bat the most valuable thing to check out now – a hand-picked list of free courses from Google. To name off a few: How to stay focused when working, basics of coding, learning confidence, how to land a job, basically all the key skills we need to function in modern society, right? You can go through one module or from start to end. Time is at our disposal, so why not use it!

What if I want to go outside?

If you’ve caught the travel bug but can’t travel, well, good news! An array of digital tours are available for those of us with permanent wanderlust. Of course, there are Google Tours. But you can check this thorough list of the 12 biggest museum galeries made digital. If you’re looking for something older and more „underground“, the Lascaux cave, an ‚art gallery more than 19,000 years old‘ hosts a virtual tour, where you can explore a time-capsule, and connect with the humans that seldom left their cave homes too!

Academic Alternatives

If your university has been canceled, don’t worry! The University of Cambridge has recently opened up its library to the public, so every textbook is going to be free. They’re divided into different areas of interest, so it’s very easy to navigate. Click here to check it out! Academic anxiety is out of the window!

Grab a pen and doodle!

Unlock your inner artist! One of the most famous names in animation who worked on ‚The Lion King‘, ‚Mulan‘, and ‚Brother Bear‘, just offered his classes for free! Whether you want to study or just marvel at what a pair of hands can create with a pen, you can’t deny this golden shot at discovering what goes behind the craft. The Fundamentals of Animation is at a wonderful 100% discount.

Life lessons from our world, caught on camera

For those of you who just want to relax, look no further. The website of the One World Festival, an international human rights film festival offers discounted new movies. Until 22nd March, the best documentaries will be available to watch and buy for 59 CZK. It’s never the wrong time to delve into the world of innocence during a warzone, or life lessons from one of the last wild beekeepers in Europe. Most of these documentaries had been nominated for this year’s Oscars!

If you want to read about more experiences specific to volunteering, posts from our volunteers are available here.

Leap in the matrix!

Last but not least, you can start learning to code! Freecodecamp offers different courses, depending on what sounds best to you, whether it’s trying to make your blog prettier, a new website for your dog, or trying to look like a cool hacker. The best thing is, if you’re a gamer and would like to learn how to make games someday, Unity is offering free premium courses from May to June. This is the software on which most games are built on. It’s a golden opportunity for anyone interested in games.

Remember, time wasted well is not wasted!

– Mina ♥