Latest Experience / Nejnovější zážitky

Marta, naše dobrovolnice z Kanárských Ostrovů, je přesně v polovině svojí Evropské dobrovolné služby. V jejím nejnovějším článku se dočtete, jak se jí líbil on-arrival training, Slow Travel festival v Praze či výlet do Vídně.

Hello again! I would like to share with you my latest experience and how it was going during the last weeks not only in Brno but also in other different places.

On-arrival training

Working. Archiv: Irina Zakaretsky

I was on our on-arrival training a month ago. We were in Aš, a small town on the border with Germany. For most of us, it was a big adventure crossing almost all country and for others, it was supposed that they crossed all country literally. After taking two, three, four or even five trains, we got in the town.

We were looking forward to living this new experience, also for that reason, this event could make a big network between us. Also, we discovered more about Erasmus +, EVS, Czech Republic, Czech language, Czech country, but at the same time, we learnt about each one of us.

One of the main goals of this training was to introduce us the Czech Republic but we also got to know more about France, Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey and even Brazil!

We were working on different topics, e.g. our EVS projects or discovering our learning styles. We also did a lot of different activities to improve our communication, cooperation and collaboration. Last but not least, we went to the forest to walk in the nature and visited some more different places and got to know more about the Czech Republic and ourselves. It was a great time!

 Slow Travel Festival

The Slow Travel Festival took place on April 21st in Prague. Two of us Mladiinfo volunteers went to the Lucerna Cinema where we assisted to see presentations and workshops about travelling and new ways to make a trip for short or long time. Two members of Mladiinfo, Štěpánka and Tereza, had a presentation about Erasmus+ and other options how to go abroad. People were asking and seemed really interested in this topic. We hope that it was successful and more people will be travelling thanks to the tips that our team told them.

Slow Travel Festival. Archiv: Marta Lozano Acosta

New experiences

I also want to mention that last weekend I visited Vienna. It is a fantastic place that I recommend to visit. We had the chance to get lost in Schönbrunn Maze, Labyrinth & Labyrinthikon, a beautiful place where you can play to find the exit. You will spend a very good time there and become an explorer.

And you have to visit the city centre with their main streets, cathedral, town hall, opera and of course, you cannot forget to try Sacher Cake close to the Cathedral. It is very typical in Austria and it is a chocolate cake that you will love. Vienna is a very expensive city but if you have the opportunity to go, it’s worth it!