Get into video-making! – A Mladiintro

Get into video-making! Want a handy tutorial on how to make cool and stylish videos? Either for presenting a school project or showing off to friends and family. Put some smiles on people’s faces!

Video-making in the making

Do you want to preserve memories of your family or times on the road? And do you want to share and show your best times in the best of ways? Look no further because the free website Biteable offers people a way to create slideshows, customizable and already pre-made scenes, all of it based on whether you’re feeling lazy or creative!

working on laptop
It’s easy to relax when you can set up these cool animated presentations in just 15 minutes! Daria Nepriakhina. Source: Unsplash

The design of the site is very intuitive. To help you see how it’s done, here’s a very short, very fast video example. One thing that is useful to know before using Biteable is that, unfortunately, unless you’re using a premium account, you cannot download your video or remove the watermark for it.


See, even those of us who might not be that savvy with digital things can embark on video-making! The steps are these:

  1. Make a free account.
  2. Click on a new project.
  3. Choose if you will be using already pre-made scenes (everything has its own theme, whether it’s to show statistics or explain a concept or just show off pictures).
  4. OR start a custom project from scratch, where you can cherry pick different scenes like in the example.
  5. Wait for it to process and save, and then you have your own video to send a link or embed it into your blog or website.

Give the videos a personal touch

In Biteable, you can connect with your Google Drive or just your own PC and through that you can add in your own background music or pictures. Moreover, you can completely change the colours of your project. All in all, Biteable offers the best of both worlds – giving a chance to your own creativity and ideas to shine while also providing tools and pre-made sets to realize it! It’s definitely one way to impress in a job interview.

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Author: Mina