Exchanging language skills while making new friends? Now is the time!


Who is behind the idea?

„Tandem in Brno“ is the newly launched initiative by Mladiinfo ČR, funded by the European Solidarity Corps and the US Embassy in Prague. 

What is Tandem in Brno?

Tandem language exchange is all about (as the name reveals) exchanging your language skills! It helps you to learn a new language or improve your skills in a language you’re already practicing, directly from someone who already speaks that language. In exchange you can help that person learn your mother language or another language you are fluent in!

Even though our initiative is mainly focusing on people living in Brno, it is open to anyone from all around the world. Tandem language exchange is the perfect way to meet other people, make new friends and meet them in real life. On top of that, you’re practicing a new language! How great is that?

Photo from our event „Let’s Picnic!“

For example, a Czech native speaker wants to learn French, you, a French speaking person want to learn Czech. So let’s put it together and exchange the languages! You can of course also meet up with more people at once and organize something in a group! For those purposes you can be hanging out, visiting pubs or use the office of Mladiinfo in Brno. 

„Tandem in Brno“ is also organizing various events in the city of Brno, open to anyone living here & free of charge! Such events include „Games & Chill“, „Let’s Talk“, „Let’s Picnic“, „BBQ day“ and many more! Our sole purpose is to help people broaden their horizons and, of course, be happy! 

Photo from our event „BBQ day“

Who can participate?

In a single word – anyone! Even though „Tandem in Brno“ was created and is based in Brno, people from all around the globe are allowed to register.  The purpose of the word „Brno“ in the name of the initiative, is to emphasize that people living here have the chance to meet people in real life, let’s say at a café. 

The same applies to people from abroad though. If you find someone living in your city/country, you’re free to meet them in real life! The choice is purely yours and based on your needs and expectations. 

Is it for free?

Yes, the project is 100% free, without any hidden costs. There is no registration fee, and your account has neither expiration date, nor upgrade options. 

Photo from our event „Games & Chill“

How can I register?

Registration is simple and can be completed within minutes. Just enter our site, click on „Join us“ (in the middle of the screen) or „Register“ (on the top right of the screen) and insert your personal details.

Remember to clearly state all the languages you can speak among with your level at each one of them, as well as the languages that you want to learn. You can also add your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.), so people can reach you. 


You also have the choice to include your country/city in your profile, so you can meet in person other people that live in the same area. 

After the registration, you’ll receive an automated activation email (please also check the „junk“ folder of your email). Follow the instructions to activate your account and you’re all set! You’re now a new Tandem-er! Have fun and learn as many languages as you possibly can!

How can I stay connected for future updates?

You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook for future updates! Bare in mind that on both of our social media platforms you can find fun and interesting posts, from our new series of posts called #waitWHAT.


That’s for now! Stay safe and stay #Tandem.

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