A Student’s Guide To North Macedonia

Máte zájem vyzkoušet semestr nebo dovolenou na Balkáně? Náš průvodce „A Student’s Guide To North Macedonia“, který vytvořila naše dobrovolnice Mina vám nabízí nový záběr při objevování zábavného dobrodružství!

Interested in trying a semester in the Balkans? This student-approved guide to North Macedonia offers you a new shot at discovering a fun adventure!

With the help of some life-long experience of living in Skopje, I have created an informational booklet aimed at university students and young people who wish to visit my country and its capital city. Either as part of their Erasmus experience or just to visit!

a view of skopje
A view of Skopje, just before the sun sets (Credit: Aleksandar Kyng)

The info booklet is meant to be used as a pocket guide. Starting from the best method to get from the Czech Republic to Macedonia, to providing important information on how to navigate and explore Skopje. Be just like one of the locals!

Download the booklet here:

My goal in making this guide is to open doors for young people and promote bonds between international students and the people and culture of North Macedonia, so I hope it helps!

– Mina ♥️
Tento projekt je financován z prostředků Evropského sboru solidarity.