Roadtrip Through Macedonia – Where to Go

Naše makedonská dobrovolnice Mina má pro vás prověřené tipy na roadtrip v Makedonii: Let’s explore more of the non-urban side of this Balkan country. Namely, ideas for a roadtrip through Macedonia. Let’s start a list!

In my previous post, I wrote a lot about the basics of life in Macedonia and its capital city Skopje. This time let’s explore more of the non-urban side of this Balkan country. Namely, ideas for a road trip through Macedonia. What can you do there, as a visiting tourist or a student on Erasmus? Let’s start a list!

Roadtrip through Macedonia

1. Hiking

More than 80% of Macedonia is made out of mountains. Around 36% of Macedonia is wild nature. With our three national parks, Macedonia is one of the best places to have a real adventure in. Especially mountaineering, which is unsurprisingly a popular hobby for people.

roadtrip through macedonia
One of the many mountains to conquer (Source: Elion Jashari, Unsplash)

Current travel efforts are focused on creating a more beginner-inclusive experience for tourists, who have no training in mountain hikes. Somes it’s better to bring the mountains to Mohammed, despite the popular saying!

Via Dinarica - A cover for the film about the hiking trail
Via Dinarica – A cover for the short film about the hiking trail

The Skopje-based company Mustseedonia offers you a tailor-made roadtrip through Macedonia specifically for tourists. I heartily recommend for anyone reading to watch this 27-minute short film on the tale of 4 people hiking the Macedonian portion of the hiking trail Via Dinarica. The filmography is beautiful!

2. Cycling

Because Macedonia is the fifth least visited place in Europe, there is no giant cycling road like the rest of the continent. Despite this, travelers and locals in bikes are one of the most common sights whenever I’ve driven around the country. That, and cattle.

roadtrip through macedonia
Winter season or summer season? It doesn’t matter! (Source: Nikola Mihajloski, Unsplash)

Check out this website for pictures and various offers on hiking, biking, or any other tours in between!

3. Paragliding, kayaking, and so much more…

Macedonia is a land filled with sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies! The good side is that these activities, although they sound expensive, really aren’t in this country. You have a guaranteed guide with you, and a chance for pictures. Make yourself the subject of envy in your friends when you share a pic of you flying over the oldest lake in Europe – Ohrid. The website for arranging these activities is right here.

Roadtrip through Macedonia
Paragliding from Galičica – a national park (Source: Marcos Lomba, Flickr)

Again, I’d like to remind that tourism in Macedonia isn’t very advanced. This means that local places are more open to foreigners, the prices are cheap, and by traveling to my country you gain the benefit of a real, unfiltered experience. So why not? 

roadtrip through macedonia
Wild raspberries – the tastiest prickliest fruit that’s everywhere in the forests (Source: Elion Jashari, Unsplash)

Previously I wrote everything you can do in the capital city Skopje, which you can read here. There’s also a free PDF of a guide to North Macedonia.

– Mina ♥️

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