Spend 2021 in France! Volunteering opportunity

Are you interested in the environment and sustainable development? Would you like to spend 2021 volunteering in France? The city of Rouillon is looking for you!

The association Maison de l’Europe is searching for volunteers to join a European Solidarity Corps project in France. The project starts on the 4th of January 2021 and ends on the 3rd of January 2022. All year working for sustainability and enjoying life in the north-west of France! 

The main aim of the project is to promote eco-friendly means of transport, mostly cycling. The volunteer will also deliver workshops on environmental awareness and sustainable development to children, youth, and adults of Rouillon.

Where will you volunteer?

The association Maison de l’Europe is coordinating projects for 9 volunteers in total. The current call is for a volunteer to the town of Rouillon, conveniently located one hour by train from Paris and two hours from the sea. The volunteer will be hosted by the town hall of Rouillon and will focus on teaching sustainability to the local community.

Go to the association’s website to learn more and watch a video about the town of Rouillon.

What will you do?

The project aims to educate the local community on environmental issues and sustainable development. The activities include:

  • encouraging children, youth and adults to use eco-friendly means of transport when getting to school or work
  • promoting safe usage of transport
  • developing projects for cycling: cycling paths, bike services, etc.
  • organizing workshops and lectures for children attending summer camps
  • raising awareness about ecological practices, such as recycling, gardening, lower energy consumption, etc.
  • supporting the Youth City Council in launching eco-friendly initiatives
  • working on your own project, dependent only on your creativity!

Occasionally, the volunteer will also cooperate with other volunteers hosted by the local boarding schools, high school and the office of Maison de l’Europe. They will carry out projects together, especially during celebrations of the Day of Europe in May.

Food, money and accommodation

The European Solidarity Corps is an initiative funded by the European Union. It means that travel expenses, accommodation, food, and pocket money are covered.

The volunteer in Rouillon will get 390€ as food and pocket money every month. Once a day, food also will be provided by the local school, without any additional expenses.

The volunteer will either live with a local host family or in a shared apartment in the town.

For more details on funding and accommodation, and more practical information go to the info-pack of the project.

How to apply?

To apply for the project, you need to send a CV, a video, and a filled-in application form to the email address evs@europe-en-sarthe.eu.

You can find the application form and more details in the info-pack.

If you want to spend 2021 volunteering in France, don’t wait too long! The application deadline is the 30th of October 2020.

european solidarity corps logo
ESC logo. Source: Mladiinfo ČR archive

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